Welcome to unofficial page for the UP/SANEDI smart grid research. The Smart Grid labs at the University of Pretoria has established itself as a leader in smart grid research. We deliver high quality research, products, services, and capabilities that fill the widening gap between the end users and electricity suppliers across the African markets.┬áSome of the practical applications and opportunities for the research include: renewable energy integration, smart prepaid metering (with time of use), AMI security, active network management etc. The University has a close relationship with the South African National Energy Development Institute and The Department of Energy. Being within the City of Tshwane, we have also established strong ties with our local municipality. Together, we are paving the way for new approaches to solving Africa’s energy crisis. The Smart Grid Labs offers a fresh approach to smart grid research that empowers the end users and delivers savings and benefits utilities and municipalities. These benefits will be realised across the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Further information on our POWERUP can be accessed below: